“I’m essentially a storyteller.

I believe that the first creative phase, between eureka and the initial shapeless draft, is the most interesting, the one very often underestimated, the one with the most potential, the one capable of reinforcing the strategy of a brand, a project or a cultural communication.

Society is changing very quickly, and as hopeful visionaries we can ride the wave of change in a more sustainable way.”

Creative Direction
With a background in Architecture, a degree in Theatre Design and more than 10 years of work in the field of Contemporary Art, Silvia is mixing different creative disciplines, designing Spaces and creating unique sensory Events and Experiences.

As a creative, you always interact with an audience, whose tastes and needs change quickly. Whether it’s designing a space or designing a book, she’s like a guide that leads the visitor inside a story, following the invisible thread of the narrative.

Conceptual Thinking
She has specialised in the development of the first conceptual phase of the brief. Having various language tools at her disposal – spatial, graphics and digital – it’s easy for her to develop the idea across the board and grasp its potential.

Multidisciplinary Approach
She has a holistic approach to Design and the intellectual and technical tools to range from the Artistic Direction of a campaign to the application of a Brand to a Space and its Interiors.

One of her main interests is the research and the study of the potential that a brief or a draft of an idea may have, in relation to its history and its future vision. It’s important to have a clear and effective strategy to promote any type of project and involve different types of audiences.

She’s extremely interested in the hidden possibilities of any project. Starting from the use of the most innovative forms of Communication, therefore new technologies of expression, up to the collaboration with professionals or disciplines from disparate worlds, she’s not afraid to take on challenges that push boundaries.

Research & Social Change
She firmly believes that creativity can shape a better way of working and living. The cultural world and the world of consumption should reduce their gap, in the name of greater professional sustainability, a more ethical approach and the duty to represent more the diversity of the society in which we live.

Teaching & Learning
She likes to teach, to communicate what she has had the good fortune to learn, through her international experiences, her travels, her transversal collaborations. Whether they are academic or professional projects in the field of the creative industry, she finds it stimulating to have different brains, points of view and disciplines in the same room to discuss an idea. She is very interested in teamwork and in the design formula of the workshop.

Passionate Optimism
After years of experience and a few mistakes, she finally manages to combine her sometimes overwhelming passion for creativity, purely Italian, with the optimistic and pragmatic approach of her adopted homeland, Great Britain.